Epson 2720 Vs 2803/2800 For Sublimation Comparison

The world of sublimation printing has a lot of renowned brands that have introduced plenty of sublimation printers. But I always love Epson Ecotank printers when it comes to sublimation printing because they are cost-efficient without compromising on quality. Each series of Ecotank printers do provide a distinct printing experience and the most famous series is 2000. And today, we’re gonna compare Epson 2720 vs 2803 for sublimation. Even though both printers are siblings and provided us with a similar printing experience.

Epson 2720 Vs 28032800 For Sublimation Comparison

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Epson 2803/2800 Vs 2720 For Sublimation

The main difference between ET-2803/2800 and ET-2720 is none other than the duplex printing option, dimension, weight, and a little bit of design. For sublimation, both models provided similar printing results but ET-2803 provided more clear prints and auto-duplex prints.

Epson 28032800 Vs 2720 For Sublimation

Apart from that, I didn’t get any major difference between these printers as both are the basic sublimation printers suitable for home-based sublimation businesses or best for hobbyists. Although the duplex printing option is not handy for sublimation, so it is not under my main consideration.

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Epson 2803 Sublimation Overview

Epson 2803
  • High-resolution printing offers impressive results with the finest details.
  • Precisioncore-powered technology ensures heat-free printing best for sublimation.
  • Wide color gamut to provide enriched photos with a vast array of colors.
  • Supports various paper trays and sizes to accommodate multiple-size sublimation papers.
  • Ink tanks provide a low cost per print when compared with ink cartridges.
  • Easy to set up and can be adjusted at a small workplace too.

The Epson ET-2803 is the latest sublimation printer successor of the recent 2700 series with no significant upgrades. Similar to its predecessors, the printer is designed to meet the basic level of sublimation printing. The precision core technology and durable build quality ensure an exceptional printing experience.

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Therefore, if you’re willing to start the sublimation business without ripping off the skin by saving a huge number of bucks then ET-2803 is your companion.

  • Easy to use
  • Portable
  • User-friendly interface
  • Easy to refill
  • Flawless cartridge -printing
  • Not suitable for professional-grade photos
  • Doesn’t come with an auto document feeder
  • Cannot print super-tabloid printing

Epson 2720 Sublimation Overview

Epson 2720
  • Sleek and compact design for those who have small space.
  • 4 individual ink tanks which don’t get empty quickly compared to the ink cartridges.
  • Simple and easy navigation panel, tilt option for standing and sitting users.
  • Printing speed is remarkable for flawless workflow.
  • Color accuracy is perfect with exceptional details.

Epson ET-2720 is the old model, released in 2018. The ET model was designed to fulfill the basic sublimation printing needs under a low budget. ET-2720 is a cartridge-free printer that won’t need to replace expensive cartridges, minimizing running costs.

  • Easy as pie
  • Can yield a handsome number of pages
  • A plethora of features
  • 100-paper capacity
  • Substantial print quality
  • Old model
  • Relatively higher price than ET-2803
  • No auto duplex printing

Print Quality & Color Accuracy Comparison

Print quality is a crucial factor when it comes to sublimation printing. Both printers are remarkable in providing stunning graphics and clear text. Whether you’re printing texts or dense graphics, the ET-2803 ensures a captivating outcome. Color accuracy after heat press was also wonderful because I got the compatible ICC profiles.

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Epson 2720 print quality
Epson 2720 print quality
Epson 2803 print quality
Epson 2803 print quality

In addition, ET-2720 is also providing satisfactory results with no major difference in print quality and color accuracy. But ET-2720 provided grainy texture images having passable results.

Ink Tank System

Ink tank systems in ET printers are always best when it comes to saving cost per print. Both models are Ecotank so they offer easy-to-refill ink via their automated ink nozzles equipped with Ecofit technology, which eliminates the need of squeezing bottles.

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Print Speed & Productivity

As both models are affordable I won’t recommend them if you want to get them to stay productive or save time. But still small-sized images were getting printed quickly and for the documents I tested with the 5-page pdf, the results and the print speed were satisfactory for both models.

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Sublimation Ink Compatibility

The product boxes had ink bottles that were compatible with the printers but not the sublimation inks. Surprisingly both models are compatible with the same number of ink bottles which is T522. I also utilized the same sublimation ink brand which is Hiipoo sublimation ink for both models but with different ICC profiles. I didn’t observe any mess and the results were superb.

Connectivity & Compatibility

Versatility is part of the printers when it comes to connectivity options and compatibility with numerous apps and devices. The Wi-Fi, USB, and direct wifi can be utilized to connect the devices no matter if you’re a user of Mac or Windows.

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Paper Handling & Size Options

Want to print small-sized prints for mugs and tumblers to save the paper? You can switch the paper size from small to large sizes up to 8.5×14 inches for t-shirts and various substrates. You can also adjust the paper thickness settings and type of paper printing from the printing menu of both printers.

Price and Value for Money

The Epson ET-2803 is the newest, lightweight, and affordable model. So there is not any comparison between them. ET-2803 is worth the spending and provides value for the money. Both models provide a similar experience with printing as well as sublimation. But why not get the updated and newest model at a lower price? Of course Yes!

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Our Expert Team Recommendation

Our Expert Team Recommendation

After testing both printers for sublimation, we came to the conclusion that both printers are best for sublimation if converted with filling the sublimation ink when they are brand new. Moreover, as well as for heat transfer printing and another sort of printing like documents and office work if not converted in sublimation. But ET-2803/2800 is our recommendation because of the price affordability and updated model.

Epson 2720

Epson 2720



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In conclusion, the choice between the Epson 2803 and the Epson 2720 can vary according to your choice. As no one would like to get the old model at the high price. But the sublimation process can be tricky and you might think that ET-2720 is best for sublimation. The fact is that ET-2803 is now gaining popularity among sublimation enthusiasts because it was released on ‎October 12, 2022. And ET-2720 is 4 years older than ET-2803. Now the choice is yours whether you want the latest model or a 4-year-old model.

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