Best Printer Under $200 | All-In-One Laser & Inkjet Wireless

Finding the best printer under $200 from hundreds of printers will be overwhelming though basic printing is the need of every office and home thus you don’t have time to do research for it. That is why we conducted thorough research and selected almost 24 printers, and found the 7 best all-in-one printers under $200 by considering certain methodological factors: print quality, printing speed, wide connectivity options, and overall convenience.

Out of the 7 printers, we tested and found Epson ET-2800 is the best one to provide low-cost prints, decent print speed, convenient paper tray, and so on. Recently, we replaced ET-2760 renewed with ET-2800. They are inkjet printers. If you want a laser printer then Brother DCPL2550DW is the suitable one for monochrome laser printing.

Best Printer Under 200 All-In-One, Laser & Inkjet Wireless

Best Printer Under $200 | For Color Photos and Home Printing Needs

Epson EcoTank ET-2800
Epson EcoTank ET-2800
  • Sharp color Printing
  • AIO functions
  • Cartridge-free printing
Canon TR8620a All-in-One
Canon TR8620a All-In-One
  • Auto duplex printing
  • Dual paper trays
  • Touchscreen display
Brother Monochrome Laser Printer, DCPL2550DW
Brother Monochrome DCP L2550DW
  • 50-sheet ADF
  • Two-sided printing
  • Duplex printing

Here is the list.

Image Product Name Benefits Price
Top Pick
Epson EcoTank ET-2800
1- Epson EcoTank ET-2800
  • Sharp colors
  • Heavy-duty printing
  • Borderless prints
  • Easy to carry
HP OfficeJet Pro 6978
2- HP OfficeJet Pro 6978
  • AIO printer
  • Two-sided printing and scanning
  • Handle heavy-duty tasks
  • Printing speed 11 ppm
Canon TR8620a All-in-One
3- Canon TR8620a
  • Touchscreen display
  • Scanning, and copying the documents
  • Hold 100 sheets
Brother Monochrome Laser Printer, DCPL2550DW
4- Brother DCP L2550DW
  • Duplex printing
  • Auto document feeder
  • Hold 250 sheets
Epson® Workforce® Pro WF-3820
5- Epson WF-3820
  • CMYK cartridges
  • Auto document feeder
  • 250 sheets in the input tray
  • Compatible with iOS and Android
HP Envy Inspire 7958e Wireless Color All-in-One
6- HP Envy Inspire 7958e
  • Printed square-sized
  • Tri-color cartridge
  • Auto duplex function
  • Zero fuzziness
7-Pantum M6552NW
  • Great text quality
  • Print clear 10 pt texts
  • Scan double-sided documents
  • Wireless printing

1. Epson EcoTank ET-2800 – Best All-In-One Printer Under $200 For Home

Epson EcoTank ET-2800
  • AIO functions
  • Outstanding text printing
  • Efficient for home printing
  • Yields an excellent number of pages
  • Cartridge-free printing

The nifty Epson EcoTank ET-2800 has got the top position on our list due to cutting down the running cost by almost 80 to 90%. Our previous top pick was the ET-2760 refurbished that we got for under $200 but we found an alternative to the ET-2760 but a new product. Both are the ideal basic home printers that fulfill the needs of basic printing like a charm by reducing costs and don’t torture the nerves.

The build quality was felt durable, wasn’t bulky, and size was also compact that fit on our office table as well as a home desk. The setup was a breeze with good functions using the various connectivity options including wireless and wire.

Home printing needs require a printer that prints affordable documents and fasts too. The ink in the ink tanks was easy-to-fill because it eliminates the hurdle of replacing traditional cartridges; instead, the ET-2800 utilizes ink reservoirs that can be refilled with ease even without squeezing the bottles. Also, the ink levels are visible at the front so you can easily determine if the ink levels are running low.

Moreover, we printed almost 5,000 colored pages with the ink that arrived with the printer and these pages are enough for the work for 2 years. The print quality on monochrome as well as colored documents was stunning with sharp colors and clear text due to decent resolution.

decent resolution
decent resolution

Our text pages turned out to be deep and well-shaped. Additionally, thanks to the low-cost print per page that was even below 1 cent both colored and monochrome.

The downside was it doesn’t support any auto document feeder but it can be passable for home printing needs. The rear paper capacity was not suitable for heavy-duty printing because it only offered 100 paper sheets also it won’t boost your productivity because neither it has ADF nor it can print duplex.

The rear paper tray is versatile to print nifty borderless prints and envelopes too and the maximum printing field was 8.5 x 47.2″. Also, we printed small-sized photos without any borders and the print quality turned out to be impressive.

We also got to know that it can hold 30 sheets in the output tray too. Further, the flatbed scanner was passable but it wasn’t capable to scan thick items like books due to non-extendable hinges. But it can support lots of scanning documents flawlessly.

If you’re a die-hard lover of printing via Alexa in your home then ET-2800 is your buddy printer. Compatible with Alexa device, USB connection, Wifi, Epson’s iPrint app for IOS and Android, Mopria printing, and so on but lacks Ethernet.

The AIO printer featured a small LCD display to perform tasks like printing, scanning, and copying. Last but not least, the navigation panel was easy to tilt for standing as well as sitting users.

  • Low-cost per-page printing
  • Compatible with Alexa printing
  • Small-size borderless prints
  • Easy to setup
  • Versatile media support
  • Doesn’t come with an auto document feeder

2. HP OfficeJet Pro 6978 – For Passable Color Printing

HP OfficeJet Pro 6978
  • 35-page auto document feeder
  • Smooth and fast printing speed
  • Easy-to-setup like breeze
  • Decent sheet capacity
  • High-defined gradients

If you want to print flawlessly with maximum convenience then HP Officejet Pro 6978 is here to serve you its outputs. The reason that HP OfficeJet Pro 6978 is down from the top position is its cost per print which wasn’t passable for the long term besides HP instant ink.

HP instant ink eligibility is a plus point for 6 months but we prefer ET-2760 which doesn’t provide any ink subscription the inks come with a package that can also last for six months. We tested both printers for long-term use ET-2760 was a clear-cut winner in the marathon because the running cost of OfficeJet Pro 6978 was 10x higher than ET-2760.

Besides that, if you want to get a wealthy AIO printer equipped with an auto document feeder capable of auto two-sided printing and scanning too then OfficeJet 6978 is a perfect fit.

The setup of the printer was so smooth and easy on our fingertips and took only 13 minutes to unbox, install drivers, download the HP print app, connect with an iPhone, and print. Mean what! Just unpack the printer, connected it wirelessly, and got the instructions step-by-step.

smooth printing
smooth printing

The paper capacity was efficient to handle heavy-duty tasks and we understand 225 paper capacity is excellent in this price range. Not to forget its print speed, the monochrome word document hit 20 ppm over Ethernet, and the color printing speed was 11 ppm.

The ADF offered 35 pages at an affordable price even though we’ve tested various high-end printers that even support less ADF capacity.

Moreover, we observed the gradients it printed were jazzy but the images weren’t immensely smooth and the lines below 1 pt were unclear and broken. Thanks to the touchscreen display, which added convenience to setting up the printer and helped to perform multiple tasks.

Overall, the printer was rich in features adding convenience and providing value despite having high running costs. In addition, we also connected and printed the document via our Alexa device.

  • Well-shaped printing
  • HP instant ink eligibility
  • Ethernet and wireless connectivity
  • All-in-one
  • Voice-over printing
  • Sometimes images had lines

3. Canon TR8620a All-in-One – For Color Photos

Canon TR8620a All-in-One
  • Single pass auto document feeder
  • Enormous connectivity options
  • 5 individual cartridges for photo-grade printing
  • Auto duplex printing
  • Dual paper trays

Another cheap option to print beautiful photos. However, we don’t really admire its build quality which was flimsy and the plastic really felt cheap also the control panel was making noise while we were tilting but the bright point is it offered a wide touchscreen display which was smooth to use.

Apart from the downside in the build quality, the printer offered simplified features that added convenience to home-printing needs.

The auto document feeder capacity was 20 providing convenience for printing, scanning, and copying the documents. However, its ADF doesn’t offer an auto duplex option so you need to flip the papers manually. But its paper tray can print auto duplex documents.

Other than ADF, it was equipped with two paper trays, each paper tray is specialized to handle versatile media. First, one paper tray can hold 100 sheets and another one can handle various sizes and types of media to do the printing job tremendously. The printing speed was a notable point in the printer, it offered 15 ppm in printing monochrome word documents whereas color printing was 10 in small-sized photo prints.

Another bright side is the printer utilizes 5 individual cartridges, which is a plus point because we’ve used several printers that only support dual cartridges with tri-color cartridge in this price range which maximize the running cost. But the Canon TR8620 is one step ahead also it provides an additional cartridge for printing marvelous photos with rich quality.

rich quality photo printing
rich quality photo printing

The connectivity wasn’t meager to provide only wireless and USB but the printer offered a Bluetooth option too which was handy when the wireless connection was not available either.

Besides, printing directly from mobile devices and other gadgets like cameras was also included via Pictbridge. Other connectivity options were Mopria, Airprint, Google Cloud printing, Android, iOS, and Canon’s print app. If you feel they aren’t enough then let us clear that we also printed via Alexa and SD card too.

  • Moderate-level printing speed
  • Compact and lightweight
  • A wide LCD touchscreen
  • Convenient paper support
  • Straightforward to use
  • Build quality is compromised

4. Brother Monochrome Laser Printer, DCPL2550DW – Best Laser Printer Under $200 – All-In-One

Brother Monochrome Laser Printer, DCPL2550DW
  • Fastest monochrome laser printer
  • 50-sheet ADF
  • 250 sheet capacity
  • Auto two-sided printing
  • Clear text and sharp images

If you want to print monochrome documents with the fastest speed then you must opt in for this printer. The monochrome brother printer leaves behind its competitors to provide tremendous printing speed which was 36 PPM with duplex printing.

duplex printing
duplex printing

The addition of this printer to the home or office will be worthy due to several reasons which are ample connectivity, sufficient print speed, and high capacity auto document feeder.

The 50-sheet auto document feeder leaves inkjet printers behind in this price tag. We also got another monochrome printer Brother HLL2390DW which was only 10 dollars cheaper than Brother DCP L2550DW.

But DCP L2550DW stands out one step ahead because of its relatively faster printing speed than HLL2390DW and its auto document feeder which HLL2390DW lacks. We understand that 10 dollars is nothing for boosting productivity with such features.

The paper capacity was versatile enough to hold 250 sheets and could print legal and letter-sized documents. The downside is it doesn’t support fax but won’t be a problem for you because scanning and printing via ADF are handy.

Moreover, the printed documents were crips and sharp suitable for business-oriented work although we don’t recommend for most important tasks to print below 1 pt texts and monochrome images because their results were faded. The page yield and cost per print both were suitable for home-based printing as well as office.

The notable wirelessly connectivity option will allow you to print directly from your smartphone and tablets via Brother’s Print App. Wi-Fi Direct and Ethernet can also be utilized Google Cloud Print, Mopria, and Alexa were also there. Additionally, it also supported specialized software for Windows to manage documents effortlessly.

  • Easy-to-use control panel
  • Low-cost printing for home
  • iOS and Android compatible
  • Letter and Legal size printing
  • Versatile print media
  • Doesn’t support faxing

5. Epson® Workforce® Pro WF-3820 – Best Inkjet Printer

Epson® Workforce® Pro WF-3820
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Improved security layer
  • Precise photo printing
  • Auto document feeder and duplex
  • Passable print speed

When it comes to inkjet printers, the Epson is always our top-notch choice because of printing clear graphics and decent features. Our top pick is also an Epson printer but it utilizes cartridge-free printing. In contrast, Epson WF-3820 utilizes traditional individual CMYK cartridges.

Our suggestion is to use third-party refillable cartridges with Epson WF-3820 with a reset chip if available. This will minimize the running cost to prevent replacement of the cartridges each time because third-party cartridges will allow you to refill the ink instead of replacing it. But the downside is they may void the warranty.

The build quality we felt is mediocre but better than Canon TR8620a also the tilting wasn’t flimsy like TR8620a. Although the size of the Epson WF-3820 is a bit larger and bulkier than Epson ET-2760 and TR8620a

The monochrome was 21 and the color printing speed was 11 relatively faster than our top pick also it offered an auto document feeder of up to 35 pages. These notable features combine to boost productivity if you tend to print a decent amount of documents.

When it comes to paper holding capacity, the WF-3820 offered an ideal capacity of up to 250 sheets in the input tray and other specialty media were additional. It also offered duplex printing but no duplex scan although scanning lids were also flimsy.

fabulous printing
fabulous printing

The photos it produced were something that caught our sight and we can’t deny the reason behind printing fabulous printing and the reason was pigment ink. The dot placement on the photos was dense and precise the hairline of the images was clear. However, the printer had some minor banding issues, and cleaning of the printhead was needed if not frequently used.

The setup wasn’t as straightforward as the HP OfficeJet Pro 6978 but can be done within an hour. Epson’s iPrint app for Windows and smartphones compatible with iOS and Android wirelessly is handy for determining the ink levels because WF-3820 doesn’t offer visible ink tanks like ET-2760.

Lastly, featuring AIO convenience, the nifty LCD display is touchscreen and allows one to perform maintenance and setup tasks. 

  • Bluetooth and wireless printing
  • Copy, scan, and print via ADF
  • Best for entry-level printing
  • Legal size printing via ADF
  • Heat-free printhead
  • High running cost

6. HP Envy Inspire 7958e Wireless Color All-in-One – Best For Wireless Printing

HP Envy Inspire 7958e Wireless Color All-in-One
  • Bright print colors
  • Passable print speed
  • HP smart app compatible
  • HP instant ink
  • Photo-specialized tray

One of the cheapest printers under $200 on our list, the HP Envy Inspire is the newer version of the HP Envy Photo 7855. Equipped with advanced photo convenience, the HP Envy Inspire 7958e printed square-sized photos along with borderless photos. The HP instant ink helps to save the running cost by adding worth to your purchase.

At the first sight, the printer seemed bulkier than other photo-centric printers like Ecotank ET-8500 and Canon printers. However, other photo-grade printers like ET-8500 don’t provide much convenience via ADF despite being higher in price.

But thanks to HP, the printer supports an auto document feeder to scan, copy, and print simultaneously but doesn’t support two-sided printing. However, its auto duplex function can be performed via paper tray.

As mentioned above, the dual paper trays are versatile to handle a decent number of pages along with handling various size media. One paper tray was specialized to print photos only. Besides, its excellent print quality produced commercial-grade photos with well-shaped characters. From graphs to gradients, the results were jazzy with zero fuzziness.

jazzy results with zero fuzziness

We don’t really admire how HP utilizes the dual cartridge system with one black and a second tri-color. No matter how much ink is still remaining in the tri-color cartridge, once a single color ink runs out then this leads you to replace the whole cartridge. This wasteful cartridge system can annoy you the most by adding extra running costs if you don’t opt-in for an HP ink subscription.

Nevertheless, the printing speed is ample which is the bright side, the black n white document from Microsoft word printed within 15 seconds, whereas the colorful image printing speed was passable up to 9 ppm.

We found its predecessor HP 7855 had more connectivity options than HP Envy 7958 because it only offered USB and Wifi support. Lacks SD card printing but supports the HP print app to perform multiple tasks. Compatible with Apple and Android devices, Windows and Mac were additional.

  • Borderless photo prints
  • A convenient LCD display
  • Printing on versatile media
  • Auto duplex printing
  • Clear graphics
  • The dual cartridge system is crap

7. Pantum M6552NW Monochrome Laser Multifunction Printer

Pantum M6552NW Monochrome Laser Multifunction Printer
  • Fast laser printing
  • Multi-functional AIO
  • Sleek and smooth printing
  • Less bulky
  • Decent text quality

Pantum M6552NW is another laser printer on our list but we’ve found it one step down from Brother’s Monochrome laser printer above. The reason is the printing speed, graphics, and overall convenience. The dimensions of both printers was looking similar on the office desk but the weight of the Brother printer was bulkier than Pantum.

Pantum M6552NW offered a passable monochrome print speed which we observed was 22 ppm for A4 paper size, on the other side, Brother had 36 which is considerably faster than Pantum. However, the letter size printing speed of Pantum was a bit faster than A4 printing.

The setup and installation of drivers were flawless, you can connect the printer with Pantum’s app too. Connecting with mobile devices wirelessly also seemed to be fair. The text quality was great which cannot be ignored, the monochrome photos also looked stunning and the text was crystal clear.

However, some 4 pt texts were faded but typically you’ll get the best results with 10 pt texts. The auto document feeder offered 35 pages relatively less than the Brother laser printer. Its ADF doesn’t support duplexes but the drivers had the option to print duplexes. But let us be clear that, its auto duplex functionality was filled with full of glitches.

auto document feeder offered 35 pages
auto document feeder offered 35 pages

Nevertheless, the setting was done by the drivers, the printer insisted on printing duplex pages. Moreover, the scanner software also offered to scan double-sided documents.

The 150-sheet paper handling is suitable for office or school printing needs to print light-duty tasks. Also, you can scan, copy, and print with standard as well as with ADF. The Pantum M6552DW isn’t very convenient to provide a touchscreen display we felt the control panel had some old-fashioned buttons and they felt like we were using a decade-old calculator.

The connectivity options are reliable to offer wire and wireless printing from smart gadgets as well as laptops, compatible with Windows and Apple products but don’t support Chrome system. Overall, the Brother monochrome laser printer has got a slight advantage but you can also get this printer to print entry-level tasks.

  • Ethernet connectivity
  • Easy to refill the paper tray
  • Flawless setup
  • Duplex scanning
  • Deep printing photos
  • The auto duplexing had errors

What To Look For When Getting A Printer Under $200

What To Look For When Getting A Printer Under $200

Not all printers under $200 offer bright features but there are some high-end printers that you should get and also some points to keep in mind. Secondly, it is dependent on your printing needs whether you want a monochrome printer or a color printer. But the below factors are essential to follow no matter what type of printer you need.

Print Quality

Well, we’ve reviewed the best printers under $200, and we found all the above printers have exceptional print quality but not all printers are similar in printing results. The best quality printers were Epson WF-3820 and HP Envy Inspire 7958e.

From printing high-end graphics to hairlines, these printers are one step ahead. However, print quality is a crucial factor that cannot be ignored if you tend to print photos at home to get them framed.

Print Speed

This factor depends upon your printing needs. If you want a printer for office-based printing jobs then perhaps you’ll need a fast and monochrome printer. Above mentioned laser printers do provide a fast printing speed along duplex printing is also a determination for office-based documents.

On the other hand, if you want to get a printer for home or school projects then a moderate-speed printer will be fine. The ideal speed for office-based printing is above 20 ppm monochrome and home and school-based projects will require a below 10 ppm.

Running Cost

Laser printers can cost you less in the long run because they don’t use much toner ink to produce precise prints. In contrast, inkjet printers require replacing the cartridges and don’t yield a good number of pages. So in the long run, laser printers are suitable but again they vary when it comes to your printing needs.

Auto Document Feeder

An auto document feeder always adds immense convenience when you tend to print documents quickly. A low-cost printer will have a minimum 20-sheet auto document feeder which can be suitable for a home or office. However, the Brother laser printer above offers a 50-sheet auto document feeder.

Paper Tray Capacity

Most cheap printers only offer a paper capacity under 60 sheets without the capability of handling various sizes of media including types like glossy paper and photo papers. They aren’t suitable either for the office or at home. Always choose a printer that offers a minimum of 100 paper capacity so that refilling of the tray should not be countered. If you have a decent budget then check the best printer under $300 or $500 to get the best paper capacity.

What Kind Of Printer Do We Need For Home Use?

Home printing needs a printer that prints with passable printing speed, excellent text quality, and monochrome and color printing varies on your needs, The auto document feeder is a plus point if not, then it can be compromised, Print Paper capacity should be under 100, multi- functionality including AIO features, and lastly, low running cost.

What Is A Reasonable Price For A Printer?

A reasonable price for a basic printer can be anywhere under 100 to 200. You can also check the list of best printers under $100. But be sure to choose a compatible printer that fulfills your needs. Also, you can get the best printers under $150.


So after extensive research, we provided a list of the best printers under $200. Not only they are convenient and easy to use but their print quality is also exceptional. From connectivity to compatibility, every feature stands out although they may have some drawbacks too.

Because they aren’t high-end and expensive printers but overall, they have satisfaction printing for home as well as office. Get the Epson ET-2800 our top pick which is the best out there.


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