Do You Mirror Sublimation Images? Learn How To Set In Epson

Do you mirror sublimation images? The answer is yes, we do mirror sublimation images because sublimation is a heat transfer process in which the image is sublimated, and it turns out flipped. And when we mirror the image, the final result will be the actual image of the mirror-inverted. When we don’t mirror the sublimation images, the final result will be backward of the original image when it is heat transferred.

Do you mirror sublimation images?

If you’re familiar with sublimation then you should know sublimation images are heat transferred into the substrates unlike adhesive vinyl, which is applied onto the surface of a substrate.

Do You Mirror Sublimation Images

We do mirror sublimation images and there are several ways to do the mirror images that include a sublimation printer that comes with various types of image printing settings and mirror-inverted is also available in the printing settings. Secondly, when you command the printer to print the design, it shows the settings of print dialogue and you can mark it as mirror-inverted.

Other than that, designing software is also a handy option to do mirror images. When you’re designing the images in photoshop or Canva then you can simply hit the flip horizontal option. I’ve designed some gift tags to print on leather keychains for a Christmas event as shown in the image.

I’ve used Canva pro to design the images but if you’re familiar with photoshop which is more convenient and versatile then you should use it by simply commanding it under the edit section.

flip Horizontal
flip Horizontal

So you should keep this in mind. Other than that, you should mirror the images for ceramics, apparel, leather, wood, metal, and all other substrates on which you heat to transfer the image. But keep in mind when utilizing a substrate that is heat transferred from the backside like acrylic and glass won’t require the flipping option.

By setting the mirror option, the original images will be visible after the heat transfer. Also, there are different types of designs that we use to sublimate. For example, if you’re design has some text and personalized images then it is essential for you to flip them horizontally.

Other than that, if your designs are like rainbows and mountains that look like same as mirror-inverted or without a mirror then I don’t think so you should mirror your images.

How To Set Epson Printer To Mirror Image

1. First of all, you need to connect your Epson printer to your laptop or PC.

2. Go to the device and printers.

3. Select the printer that you’ve connected to your pc. Right-click on the selected printer and go to the printing preferences.

go to the printing preferences
go to the printing preferences

4. After clicking on the printing preference, the printing preference will be opened. Now go to the “more options” or the “page layout” depending upon your PC on the left upper corner and check the mirror-image option. You’re done!

check the mirror-image option
check the mirror-image option

Another simple method is when you command the printer from your pc to print the image then the print dialogue will appear. Go to the printing and check the mirror image. and you’re good to go! Your image will be mirror printed. More info here.

Do You Mirror Image For Sublimation Tumbler

As I described above, if you tend to print the texts and personalized photos on your mugs and tumblers then you need to ensure print the images mirror-inverted because hard substrates perform similarly to the polyester as the ink is infused into the polymer coat.

When you flip horizontally the image, the actual image will be visible after the heat transfer process on the tumblers and mugs.

You can check how to sublimate a mug with a mug sublimation printer.

Do You Mirror Image For Cricut Infusible Ink Sheets

As Cricut infusible ink sheets work similarly to sublimation printing. But they require a cutting and weeding process, unlike sublimation. But they also require the mirror option checked before you load the sheets into the Cricut otherwise you’ll get the reversed images.

You don’t need to use any photoshop app or Canva with this method. But the built-in software of Cricut design space allows you to customize and cut the image according to your needs and it also allows you to check the mirror option before cutting the pattern.

Do You Mirror Sublimation Vinyl?

Unlike adhesive vinyl, sublimation on vinyl or iron on HTV will also require mirroring the image before getting started with cutting. Sublimation on vinyl also performs similarly to Cricut infusible ink sheets because it will infuse into the substrates like ceramics. But hard substrates will have a polymer coat that will retain the ink.

Check Can You Use An Iron For Sublimation


So you should simply flip the images horizontally otherwise you’ll get the reverse of the image after heat transfer. Even if you’re a novice to printing and crafting you can simply apply the mirror option using different ways. Once you enable the option from the printer settings then you won’t need to flip the image in the designing software. Ensure to check the option from only one place either the designing software or the printing preference.


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