How Long Does Sublimation Ink Last On Shirts-Epson, Sawgrass

What if you’ve printed a few t-shirts and want to know how long sublimation ink last on shirts also what will happen if you leave the ink in the printer if it remains unused for a long time? What would be the lifespan of unopened sublimation ink? A few new crafters asked us to answer their queries about the special ink because sublimation ink is way different from regular ink. So here are the answers.

How Long Does Sublimation Ink Last On Shirts

How Long Does Sublimation Ink Last On Shirts

The sublimation ink infuses into the shirts so it becomes a part of the fabric. Sublimation ink won’t peel off or faded therefore, it will last until the fabric will be worn and torn. Further, if the shirt is being washed with proper instructions then it will be 100x durable and washable but won’t fade.

Sublimation prints are durable enough that won’t even form a layer over the top and feel smooth. However, the main washing care instruction is not to use bleach while washing. Check, if you want to know more about the best sublimation printers for t-shirts.

How Long Does Sublimation Ink Last In Printer

The life of the best sublimation ink in the cartridge would be under 6 months. But it is recommended to use the ink on the regular basis. Otherwise, it will produce faded results, banding issues, and cloggings in the printhead. Further, cartridges must have mentioned the used-by date on the box so you can use them accordingly.

If your printer has air-tight cartridges or ink tanks then there are more chances the sublimation ink will last long.

How Long Does Sawgrass Ink Last

When we asked this general question from sawgrass support they answered that the lifespan of sawgrass sublimation ink cartridges is 2 years if they remain unopened or sealed. Always store the sublimation inks at a cool temperature in order to get used for 2 years.

However, you can check the expiry date mentioned on the cartridges. While the opened sawgrass ink cartridges in the printer can last up to 6 months.

How Long Does Epson Ink Last

How Long Does Epson Ink Last

Epson is also a well-reputed company that produces robust printers and ink cartridges too. According to Epson support, the unopened ink cartridges will last up to 2 years similar to the sawgrass. If you have already installed the cartridges then Epson suggests using them within 6 months to prevent cloggings in the printhead. Or use them within their expiry date mentioned on the cartridges.

Other Third-Party Inks

Other than Epson and Sawgrass, the third part sublimation inks are famous to be used with Epson Ecotank printers due to the budget factor and compatibility. Other local third-party inks don’t mention any expiry date. But I always use Hiipoo sublimation inks and their customer support stated that their inks have a shelf life of approximately 2 years if sealed.

Once the bottles are opened, their lifespan reduces from 2 years to 1 year. And if they are filled in the printer then utilize them within 6 months.

How Long Does Sublimation Ink Last On Paper

How Long Does Sublimation Ink Last On Paper (1)

I often use Cricut infusible ink sheets and they are pre-sublimated sheets. They will last on the paper until you transfer them onto the substrate. And of course, sublimation ink on sublimation paper will perform similarly to the infusible ink sheets.

Check more here, can you use sublimation ink on regular paper

How Long Does 100ml Of Sublimation Ink Last

This factor depends upon the size of prints, and sublimation paper. You need to determine how much ml per print the printer is using the sublimation ink. It will evaluate the page yield cost. Check out more about the best sublimation printers for beginners.

How Long Does Sublimation Ink Last On Cotton

Sublimation ink works perfectly with synthetic polyester fabric since cotton is a natural fiber so the sublimation ink will wipe out after a single wash. The reason is cotton pores will not open after heat pressing and sublimation ink won’t be able to bind with the fabric. The alternative idea is to use Easysiser Subli on cotton. Other than Siser Easysubli, there are also alternatives to sublimate on cotton.

How Long Does Sublimation Ink Cartridge Last

The sublimation ink cartridge will last for 6 months once it is opened. However, the lifespan of a refillable cartridge itself will be permanent until you desire to change it or once the ink is dried in the cartridges.

How Long Does Sublimation Last On Tumblers & Mugs

How Long Does Sublimation Last On Tumblers & Mugs

Sublimation is done on the poly-coated tumblers and mugs will last up to 4 years if you wash them carefully then they won’t fade. Sublimation-coated mugs are not intended to rub with a sponge while washing with hot water. If the sublimation is done on the non-polymer-coated mugs then the chances are high that sublimation ink will wipe out with a single wash.


The conclusion is sublimation ink on the poly-coated surface substrates will last until the substrates are worn and torn. However, the sublimation ink in the cartridges can remain for up to 6 months. But all the ink manufacturer companies suggest utilizing them before it starts producing cloggings that will cause damage to the printer. Hit the comment box if you still have any confusion.

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