Sublimation On Canvas With & Without Laminate Using Spray

As you know Canvas is a natural fiber blend of cotton and linen and typically sublimation is not suitable for cotton or natural fibers. But how can we ignore the durable fabric canvas when it comes to crafting sublimation? However, direct sublimation on canvas won’t be possible but on other the hand, we can utilize indirect ways to sublimate on canvas using laminate or spray to get the ink bonded with them. So let’s start the guide.

On Canvas

Sublimation On Canvas

Whether it is your birthday or want to sell canvas frames online, you can sublimate on canvas effectively. So decorate your wall with canvas frames printed with your family photos or decorate your canvas handbags. shoes, 

Method 1: Sublimation On Canvas Without Laminate Using Spray

In my opinion, this method is best for canvas fabric because a laminated sheet on the fabric is not an ideal method to get sublimated that is why using a poly-spray is a suitable method.

Supplies Required

Step By Step Guide:

Step1: Take out staples

I’m making a reverse canvas to frame out the image so I’ll first take out all the staples from the stretched canvas fabric out of the wood frame. You can use it as it is.

fabric out of the wood frame
fabric out of the wood frame

Step 2: Spray

Now place the canvas into a box or the heat press mat and spray it thoroughly until it gets dampened with poly spray. Once it is sprayed and dampened, heat press it for 15 seconds at medium temperature in order to get the spray dry out.

spray it thoroughly
spray it thoroughly

Step 3: Ready to sublimate

Once it is dry then you’ll feel the sprayed canvas has been cured and become stiff. Now it is ready to sublimate. Prepare your design according to the size of your canvas frame and print it using your sublimation printer, make sure to flip the image horizontally. Once printed trim the excess sides of the paper but make sure to leave the half inches in order to secure them to the frame with heat-resistant tape.

Step 4: Secure & heat press

Secure the frame with printed sublimated paper with the heat-resistant tape facing down the printed side. Place the prepared substrate onto the heat press mat or underneath the heat press. Cover the prepared substrate with butcher paper and press it for 40 seconds at 365F with firm pressure. It is the ideal temp and time setting for canvas.

press it for 40 seconds at 365F
Press it for 40 seconds at 365F

Step 5: Final Result

After removing the heat press gently remove the sublimation paper and you’re good to go with your design.

good to go with your design
good to go with your design

Step 6:

As I’ve done the reverse canvas so now I need to glue the frame with the canvas. Apply the glue on all sides of the wood frame thoroughly and secure it onto the printed canvas. Check more sublimation on glass.

applying glue on all sides

Step 7: Cut the excess fabric sides

After adhering to the frame, cut down the excessive sides of the fabric with a scissor or a fabric cutter. And your DIY canvas frame is ready.

Cut the excess fabric
Cut the excess fabric
DIY canvas is ready
DIY canvas is ready

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Method 2: Sublimation On Canvas With Laminate

Now, this method also requires canvas to be prepared first. But this time we’ll use the thermal pouches lamination sheet to secure the canvas. And I’m not going to do reverse canvas this time.

Supplied Required

We’re utilizing the same supplies as we’ve mentioned above but we’ll use the lamination sheets this time instead of a poly spray.

Step By Step Guide

Step 1: Prepare the Canvas

This time I won’t take off the staples but I’ll laminate on the framed canvas. Separate the laminating sheets and cut them according to the size of your substrate. 

I would like to give a tip here. Ensure the laminate sheet’s size should be half an inch larger from all sides of the frame size. And we’ll apply and press the half-inch excess laminate sheet around all the sides to bring beauty and shine to the sides of the frame.

Step 2: Lamination

Now place a parchment or butcher paper on the heat press mat, take the canvas frame, and place the measured and cut lamination sheet onto the frame. The lamination sheet will have a glossy side and a matte side. We’ll press the matte side facing down to the substrate.

Although if you don’t like the glossy texture then you can also get matte lamination sheets available out there.

place a parchment or butcher paper
place a parchment or butcher paper

Place another parchment or butcher paper over the lamination sheet and press the lamination sheet for about 20 seconds at 385F. Once the surface is heat pressed now I’m using my smaller heat press to laminate the sides of the frame. So far my prepared canvas is ready to sublimate.

using smaller heatpress
using smaller heatpress

Step 3: Sublimate the design

Now put the printed and mirror-inverted image centered onto the frame and secure it thoroughly using heat-resistant tape. Put the parchment or butcher paper over it.

Put the parchment over it
Put the parchment over it

Step 4: Final Result

I’ll heat press the frame for 40 seconds at 400F and will be applying firm pressure to get the image sublimated. You can use a flat-surfaced heat press at 365F for 40 seconds however, I’m using my Cricut Easypress. And here is the final result!

final result
final result

I’ve made another two substrates to show you the results as shown in the image.

final result of two DIY canvas
the final result of two DIY canvas


So we’ve guided you thoroughly that how can you do sublimation on canvas in versatile ways and also showed you results with images. Since canvas is a natural fiber that cannot get sublimated without a spray or lamination. You can print your memorable photos on the frames to gift your family members on their special days or you can start selling them online because canvas sublimation has got a boom in recent years. Still, you’re confused? Hit the comment box below!


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