How To Convert HP Printer To Sublimation Printer (Easy Steps)

Epson printers are the most famous ones used as sublimation printers. But there are other plenty of companies out there that manufacture printers and HP is one of them. Some new crafters really don’t know whether they can convert an HP printer into a sublimation printer or not. And if yes, then how to convert an HP printer into a sublimation printer? Apart from converting them into sublimation, we’ll let you know which HP printers are ready to use with sublimation.

How to convert hp printer into sublimation printer

How To Convert HP Printer To Sublimation Printer

The stance is clear you cannot convert an HP printer into a sublimation printer. The main reasons are HP printers contain thermal inkjet printhead which is not suitable for sublimation. Although sublimation requires micro piezo printheads. Secondly, the sublimation ink is far different from regular ink. The HP manufacturers don’t make sublimation ink for HP printers.

Even though third-party ink suppliers don’t provide sublimation ink for HP printers. Therefore, you won’t be able to use sublimation ink with HP printers also there will be no matching ICC profiles. And if you use non-compatible sublimation ink with an HP printer then it will result in a mess damaging the printer and bleeding on the sublimation paper. So the answer to “can I use sublimation ink in my HP Printer” is simply no!

Additionally, sublimation ink requires refillable ink cartridges or ink tanks. HP printers neither support refillable cartridges nor come with built-in ink tanks.

Can You Use An HP Printer For Sublimation?

Besides converting HP printers into sublimation, HP company has introduced ready-to-use sublimation printers called the HP Stitch series. HP Stitch series printers are large-format desktop printers specifically designed for sublimation.

They are capable of printing wide sublimation paper rolls along with direct-to-fabric sublimation. But wait! If you’re a beginner and thinking of buying one of them then I really don’t suggest buying the HP Stitch series.

Because they’re hell expensive, their price starts from $15,000. If you’re an industrial-level business owner then a sublimation printer of the Stitch series is a perfect fit for you. You can print 1.62m wide images with HP Stitch 500.

It is suggested that beginners buy a starter sublimation printer that cuts off the huge expense of starting a profitable business. Epson Ecotank sublimation printers are also the best ones to start with but you need to convert them into sublimation. Also, if your budget is low then no choice is better than getting a cheap sublimation printer.

What Other Enthusiasts Think About Converting HP Printer Into Sublimation

Besides all that, people also ask on the forums and discuss the conversion of HP printers. I’ve quoted one of the answers from Hidenori Inagaki: 

“You will need sublimation ink and paper compatible with HP Printers. HP Printers mostly use the thermal process to transfer the image and it is not possible to use the sublimation ink that is used in the Epson Converted printers.

Therefore, he doesn’t know of any successful attempt to convert regular HP printers into sublimation. When he asks someone about the conversion of printers into sublimation printers, he normally converts the Ecotank model of Epson printers (I did mention above).

The same thing applies to Canon and Brother printers too if their compatible accessories are found there including ink and cartridges. So, it is essential for you to get the brand new Epson Sublimation Printer compatible with sublimation ink according to the ICC profiles.” You can read the full guide on how to convert Epson Ecotank printers into sublimation

The answer of a crafter for converting an HP printer into a sublimation printer.


Possible Way To Convert HP Printer To A Sublimation Printer

We discussed above that we cannot convert HP printers into sublimation printers and their reasons too. But what if we were able to convert them into sublimation in a possible way if enough resources for HP printers were there to convert them into sublimation? So here is the guide on how to convert an HP printer to a sublimation printer.

Supplies You’ll Need

  • An HP inkjet printer
  • Sublimation ink compatible with HP printers
  • Piezo Printhead
  • Refillable ink cartridges
Step by step guide

Before proceeding with the steps, check out if the HP printer is able to print on coated papers or not. Unlike regular printing paper, sublimation paper is coated with polymer.

Step 1: Replacing The Printhead

HP printers come with thermal inkjet printheads which are not able to pressure the sublimation ink. Hence you’ll need to replace the printhead with a piezo printhead in order to make them able to pressurize ink crystals that print out the image.

Step 2: Replacing The Ink Cartridges

Remove the cartridges that come with the printer in the package and install the refillable ones. Some printers come with built-in printheads with ink cartridges. Make sure your printer doesn’t have the printhead attached to cartridges if so, then you won’t be able to remove the cartridges and install the refillable cartridges.

Step 3: Fill The Sublimation Ink

Wear gloves and fill the brand-new syringes with sublimation ink individually. Insert the syringes in the ink cartridges and start filling. You’re done. Turn on the printer configure the setting for coated sublimation paper and start printing.

Read if you want to know if can you use sublimation ink for regular printing.


So we have discussed in detail the conversion of HP printers into sublimation. You cannot convert them into sublimation apparently but we still provided the possible information for conversion. Also, we have discussed that you can only use the HP Stitch series for Dye sublimation printing.

It is essential to have piezo print technology to do sublimation. Epson and Sawgrass are the perfect ones because they have piezo printheads. Also, manufacturers use sublimation inks with ICC color profiles.

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