14 Unique Sublimation Ideas For Gifts & Business Selling

Starting a sublimation printing business with the best niche can unleash a lucrative business. The right niche helps you to get the right direction in your business thus saving your bucks and productive time to get wasted. So here are the top sublimation ideas for business. You can also make personalized gift items to give on your friend’s and families’ memorable days.

Sublimation Ideas

Sublimation Ideas For Gifts & Business Selling in 2023

A-Z sublimation ideas for gifts, selling, business, and DIY projects

Out of the 100s ideas, I’ve picked the best 14 ideas for you.

sublimation ideas for gifts

1. T-shirt Printing

The sublimation idea of t-shirt printing has got a boom in recent years. Many individuals have started sublimation printing with low costs and high profits by selling personalized printing t-shirts on Etsy and Amazon. With a growth rate of 7% every year, the sublimation t-shirt industry will hit 8.4 billion USD in 2027.

You can make customized t-shirts even if you have a basic knowledge of graphic design and are familiar with colors and polyester fabric. Even though you can start your own brand and website to grow your business. Read here how to sublimate a shirt. Along with getting the profit, you can customize the t-shirts for yourself to wear in daily life or you can gift them sublimated with the individual’s image. You can look at these T-shirt substrates for a better idea.

2. Mug & Tumbler Printing

Sublimation on mugs and tumblers has a handsome profit because people always love to have a sip of coffee from a cup that has their own image on it. You can give sell them their personalized mugs to have a blissful morning every day. Also, Mugs & tumblers are often used to serve as gifts on Christmas, Valentine’s, and other memorable days.

Your profit margin will be high because the sublimation mug blanks are cheap. The profit margin can be $10 to $15 per order. You can watch here the case study of making $100,000 per year. Apart from selling, giving sublimated mugs with memorable images is also a fantastic idea for your loved ones. Have these coated tumblers for better sublimation.

Note: Many of the sublimation tumblers don’t come with the polyester coat which is required for sublimation. If the tumblers don’t have any coat then make sure to spray the poly coat to get started with sublimation.

3. Phone Cases

Girls are obsessed with changing phone cases every day. They always love to have their customized phone cases with pictures of themselves and their boyfriends. Therefore, these love birds can give a lucrative business to you by selling them their personalized pictures sublimated on phone cases. You can have a look at the best sublimation printers for phone cases. Have a look at these phone cases.

4. Flex Printing

Flex is a printing material made with synthetic PVC plastic that can be used for multi-purpose including printing banners, clothing, and advertising purpose. Many business owners use indoor or outdoor flex banners for advertising. But flex printing can be started with a high investment because this niche has a great profit.

Flex printing business can be started with industrial printers and heat transfers. For instance, Ricoma and Ricoh will be best for printing flex banners. You’ll need around $20,000+ in investment for this niche. You can get an idea of banner pricing from staples.

5. Sticker Printing

Crafting stickers as a hobby can be converted into a huge profit since sticker printing is a wonderful idea to sell on Etsy and online platforms. There are various types of sticker printings that can be used for cars, laptops, labeling, and promotions. Print-on-demand stickers have low startup costs and high selling profits. You can read there the types of stickers.

6. Ceramic Printing

Ceramic printing includes sublimation on plates, tiles, mugs, and so on. Since you can kickstart ceramic sublimation printing craft right away with low investment.

7. Sign Printing

If sublimation printing is your talent then you should cash out your talent by printing signs of metal/aluminum, bronze, and plastic. Sign-making is also a lucrative and rare business idea.

8. Packaging Labels

Commercial companies really understand the importance of advertising their product with creative ideas for packaging labels. And you have a great chance of cashing out that advertising importance by printing and sublimating wonderful packaging labels for business owners. Since they’ll be ready to pay a high demand for bringing value to their advertising.

9. Mouse Mats

Gaming enthusiasts and online workers love to use mice on customized mouse pads. Surprisingly I’m also one of those who love having customized mouse pads with beautiful colors. In the United States, almost every office and home has a PC and they use mouse pads. Then why not go ahead with this business to make some bucks? Of course, starting with mouse pads won’t cost as much as a t-shirt printing business.

10. Invitation Cards

Why not start a wedding planner invitation card made on order? There is huge customer demand and fewer businesses that provide custom printing of invitation cards for multi-purpose. You can reach out to event planners to get the clients.

11. Greeting Cards

Selling greeting cards with artistic colors and ideas can change the mindset of clients. Making logos, signatures, and greeting cards for many occasions can be a profitable business for you. Even though you can start it part-time because it doesn’t require extensive work.

12. Pet Collars

In the United States, there are 69 million dog owners and 45.3 cat owners in the 2021-2022 survey. Now, you can know how profitable the sublimation pet collar business is. You can make customized pet names according to pet owners like“My name is Bella, Max, Alex”. Beginners can also get started with this niche. Take a look at these pet tags.

13. Key Chains & Ornaments

Key chains are loved by boys and women are jewelry and other ornament lovers. Personalized key chains and ornaments are a good way to earn part-time. You can get poly-coated sublimation blanks of ornaments to get started printing and selling. You can also check how to sublimate on acrylic keychains.

14. Wallpaper Printing

Wallpaper printing can be utilized by printing rolls. Those rolls can be used for offices, homes, and buildings. The wallpaper printing can be PVC and non-PVC material. PVC wallpapers are easy to clean and durable whereas non-PVC is not much durable and is less expensive. You can sell according to the demand of the customers. Know more about what materials can be sublimated. Also, canvas and wood frames can be sublimated to sell online.


1. What sublimation items sell best?

All the above sublimation items are the best-selling products. Still, you can get 100s of ideas for selling. But you should go with highly profitable ideas to make handsome bucks. If you want to know more about sublimation then visit here.

2. Can you make good money doing sublimation?

The minimum you can earn is $500 even with less investment by getting cheap sublimation printers. But it totally depends upon your niche and business marketing. Excellent product marketing can reward you for making bucks on a daily basis. However, you can also get the Epson Ecotank sublimation printers with a fair price tag.


So now you have got 14 cool sublimation ideas for getting a good business started. You can choose any of the ideas above depending on your interest and passion. Still, you’re confused about what sublimation idea you should choose to get started. Here are our top 3 ideas for instance.

  • T-shirt printing
  • Mugs printing
  • Pet tags printing

These are the most selling sublimation blanks on the market. You can also get an excellent start with personalized products by exploring the wide market of these niches.


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