Is Sublimation Printing Worth It? Advantages & Disadvantages

Sublimation printing is extremely robust and famous for outstanding bright printing results. But, some novice crafters still ask the question; is sublimation worth it?  With a low-cost business setup and high-profit margin, yes! Sublimation printing is completely worth it. The unbeatable quality and versatile printing on apparel, ceramics, mugs, tumblers, glass, acrylic, and much more make sublimation printing exceptional.

Although every printing method has some advantages and disadvantages likewise sublimation also has both of them. To know its advantages and disadvantages, keep reading the article.

Is Sublimation  Worth It?

Is A Sublimation Printer Worth It?

Whether you want to print your personalized apparel with your images or start a lucrative business, a sublimation printer is a thing that is utilized to print your own photos with no forming layer over the top and has vibrant colors that will last until the substrate is torn out.

The alternative to sublimation printers is Cricut infusible ink sheets but you can’t print attractive photos with an array of colors. Therefore, owning a sublimation printer is completely worth it.

Is Sublimation Printing Durable?

Is Sublimation Printing Durable?

Yes, sublimation is extremely durable because once the sublimation ink gets infused into the substrate after heat pressing, it becomes a permanent part of the fabric or substrate. Unlike other printing methods, sublimation printing will last until the substrate will be there.

Sublimation doesn’t form a layer over the surface thus the printing won’t feel you if you touch it with your fingers. However, some people use chemical detergents that may fade the sublimation ink.

Does Sublimation Printing Crack?

Does Sublimation Printing Crack?

No, sublimation is not prone to cracking or peeling off because it doesn’t form a layer like other typical t-shirt printing methods. But there are some certain conditions to look after. If it doesn’t then sublimation printing will peel off or get faded after a single wash. Sublimation printing requires polyester apparel to get the printing done. You may check the Sublimation Printer Compatible With T-Shirt Printing.

Because polyester opens up the pores when it is exposed to heat. This way the sublimation ink binds with the polyester. Sublimation on cotton won’t be possible and will peel off or fade because it is a natural fiber and won’t open up its pores while heat pressing. 

Further, to print on ceramics and other hard substrates, the polymer coat is essential in order to retain the sublimation ink otherwise the sublimation ink will be wiped out if you print them without any coat.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Sublimation Printing

No doubt sublimation is versatile but it also has some pros and cons too. So here are the details

Advantages Of Sublimation Printing

  • Sublimation printing is free from getting fade like other traditional printing methods.
  • You can print your own photos, design, and almost every image that you want.
  • The sublimation printing on apparel will last up to 100 times washing but won’t fade until the product is torn out.
  • From customized mugs to hanging the glass frame over the wall or printing acrylic keychains, you can print them easily.
  • High-resolution images with sleek results
  • Straightway printing with only a little number of equipment
  • CMYK printing colors with eco-friendly
  • Efficient and cheap process compared to other printing methods like screen printing.
  • A faster method and more vibrant color-producing method than digital printing.
  • The sublimation prints are water-proof and UV-resistant.
  • A cheap sublimation printer under $200 can also be used for sublimation printing.

Disadvantages Of Sublimation Printing

  • Sublimation is an inkjet printing method but you cannot use any kind of inkjet printer for sublimation.
  • Direct sublimation prints on dark fabrics are not possible when sublimation ink is translucent and it won’t be visible on dark colors. To sublimate the black color, you need to follow a couple of steps. Along with this, cotton fabric sublimation is also not possible.
  • You cannot print on any other fabric material except polyester and the results will be faded if you won’t use polyester.
  • Once you convert the Epson sublimation printer but you won’t be able to reverse it to use with any other ink than sublimation ink.
  • You cannot utilize an already-used Epson printer for sublimation.
  • For rigid surfaces, you need to coat the substrate with a polymer.
  • Cannot be printed with white sublimation ink.

What Is Better Than Sublimation

It is said that DTG is better than sublimation because it may produce more vibrant colors than sublimation. The reason is that DTG may have the white color base printed on the black color shirts. That helps to produce exquisite colors. But DTG printing is more expensive than sublimation.

A DTG printer may cost you around $5,000. And sublimation printer and the overall setup are much cheaper than a single DTG printer. Although DTG is suitable for high commercial levels. You should also check Sublimation vs DTG. Also, you may check the best cheap sublimation printer.


To reach the conclusion, the detailed guide completely portrays the worth of sublimation printing and printer. Imprinting images with sophistication is all about sublimation. But you also need to keep an eye on the budget and disadvantages too. Check out our more comparisons about sublimation printing to get an idea about comparing sublimation printing with other printing methods.


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