How To Sublimate The Bottom Of A Mug Or Tumbler (With Pictures)

You want to know how to sublimate the bottom of a mug but don’t know the proper method of it. Sublimating a logo or round-diameter text is not as hectic as you think. We’ve tried several methods and got to know the proper way to sublimate the bottom of a mug. However, the below-mentioned methods are likely tricky for you if you’re a beginner in the sphere of sublimation. So without further ado let’s get started!

how to sublimate the bottom of a mug

Can You Sublimate The Bottom Of A Mug?

The answer is yes, you can sublimate the bottom of a mug using our below-mentioned methods. But the bottom should also be coated with polymer in order to retain the ink.

How To Sublimate The Bottom Of A Mug Or Tumbler

Among all the 3 methods, the prominent method is using a digital mug bottom press and a mini heat press of dododum. You can use dododum heat press for smaller items like keychains, earnings, badges, and many other substrates.

Some Points To Follow

Sublimation printing requires some crucial things to follow in order to get the desired results. Otherwise, the prints will be peeled or faded off after washing.

  • First of all, a sublimation mug blank should be coated with the polymer to be compatible with sublimation. its bottom should also be coated with polymer.
  • The bottom of the mug should be flat so it can touch the surface bottom of a heat press if you’re using a flat heat press.
  • For the non-coated bottoms of mugs, you should utilize a vinyl sticker method using lamination for advertising logos.

Supplies You’ll Need To Sublimate The Bottom Of A Mug

Method 1: Using Digital Mug Bottom Heat Press

Step 1: Prepare the design in online software and print via a mug sublimation printer. Make sure to the image size should be smaller than the bottom diameter of a mug.

Step 2: Trim the paper in a round shape using a scissor, place it onto the bottom of the mug, and tape down the printed piece of paper with heat-resistant tape firmly. Tape down the heat pad or butcher paper over the sublimation paper.

Step 3: Tape the butcher paper over the sublimation paper on the bottom.

Step 4: Place the mug underneath the bottom mug press machine. Set the temperature between 350 to 400F and press the mug for 3 to 4 minutes.

Bottom mug press machine
Bottom mug press machine

Step 5: Remove the butcher paper and the sublimation paper and you’re good to go!

Method 2: Using A Mini Heat Press

Step 1: Prepare the bottom of the mug or tumbler by wrapping the printed sublimation paper. 

Step 2: Preheat the dododum mini heat press. Apply the heat press thoroughly on each side of the mug for 30 to 60 seconds. Apply the heat press again thoroughly if you’re unsure about the application. Important: Wear heat-resistant gloves while applying the procedure.

Pressing the tumbler bottom with a mini heat press
Pressing the tumbler bottom with a mini heat press

Step 3: After removing the sublimation paper, Here you go!

Final result
Final result

Method 3: Using Shrink Wrap Sublimation

Step 1: Wrap the subli shrink wrap with heat resistant-tape over the prepared mug for sublimation. Turn on the heat gun and apply the hot air in order to stick the subli wrap with the mug and bottom.

Step 2: Place the wrapped mug in the preheated convection oven for 11 to 13 minutes.

Also, you can read the guide on how to sublimate a mug without a mug press.

Step 3: Remove the mug while wearing heat-resistant gloves and you’re done!

Method 4: For Non-Poly-Coated Mugs

The 4rth and last method is for non-poly-coated mugs. As sublimation requires a polymer surface and if you’re not sure whether the bottom of the mug is poly-coated or not then use the vinyl sticker and laminate it to protect it from peeling off or fading.


So we’ve defined all the possible methods of how to sublimate the bottom of a mug. Although, you can also use Cricut infusible ink sheets for bottom sublimation. But the point is the bottom must be sublimated with polymer. In addition, dododum heat press method is versatile that can be used for other small substrates too.

But if you have a dedicated mug printing business with embedding your company logo, then I would suggest going with a specialized mug bottom heat press.


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