How To Store Ink Cartridges When Not In Use | Opened & Unopened

We suggest printing on the regular basis to avoid clogging but what if someone has got a home printer and doesn’t require printing on regular basis? The alternative idea is to store the ink cartridges in a safe place to keep them hydrated even though whenever you re-install them, they will be ready to print again flawlessly. But before uninstalling the cartridges, you should know how to store ink cartridges when not in use in the best way.

How To Store Ink Cartridges

How To Store Ink Cartridges When Not In Use

I’ve shared four proven ways to store the cartridges. They’ll definitely help you to preserve the cartridge thoroughly in order to extend the lifespan of the printer’s ink to utilize the last drop from the cartridges.

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Best Way To Store Printer Ink Cartridges When Not In Use

Best Way To Store Printer Ink Cartridges When Not In Use

1. Keeping The Ink Cartridges In The Cool & Dark Place

Light is the biggest enemy of your cartridges since light can lead the ink cartridges to dry up quickly resulting in terrible print quality. No matter whether it is direct sunlight or artificial, you should never store your ink cartridges in a transparent tub or container.

Always store the ink cartridges in a way that any type of light should not enter the tub. Darker storage is the best buddy for the cartridges. If you don’t really have a darker place to store then simply do not use the opaque container that passes light.

In addition to that, never store the container in a place that is warm because it will cause the ink to dry quickly. Always keep the container in a place that is cool enough to prevent the ink dry.

2. AirTight Container Or Tub

Never let the air get inside the tub or container, always use airtight container to prevent air from getting inside the tub because the air will lead the ink dry so along with preserving the cartridges in a dark and cool place use the airtight container.

3. Storing Them Upright

Not only does storing them in the upright position will prevent clogging but it will also help to save the ink from getting spots in your storage. Upright position means the cartridge nozzle or printhead side should be upward.

4. Keep Them Dampened

Whenever you store the ink cartridges in a sealed tub or container then placing a dampened cloth inside the container is an excellent practice. Because it will prevent the ink nozzle or printhead to get dry by keeping them moistened.

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How To Store Opened Toner Or Ink Cartridges

Experts never suggest storing the opened ink or toner cartridges when they are installed into the printer. However, we also won’t suggest removing the original seal from the cartridges that come with them.

But still, if you want to preserve the opened cartridges then you can try the above-mentioned methods. Although some additional steps will be required that are mentioned below. You can apply these tips on the Canon or Epson cartridges.

  • Keep them stored in a place inside the airtight container where no light reaches.
  • The storage place should be cooled but not like the refrigerator rather the room temperature is ideal.
  • Ensure that nothing rugged should touch the printhead of the cartridge otherwise, it will damage the printhead or nozzle.
  • Place a dampened cloth inside the sealed container but it is optional. It is an ideal practice to do.
  • Check their expiry date before installing them again.

How To Store Hp Ink Cartridges When Not In Use

How To Store Hp Ink Cartridges When Not In Use

According to HP, the ink cartridges that arrive sealed should be stored as it is until they are installed into the printer. There are several reasons behind it that include that there are chances that the ink tubes or nozzles may get into contact with anything or get the dirt and debris that leads to their damage.

Additionally, once the seal is opened, let the cartridges remain installed and utilize them regularly. Instead of these guidelines, HP also shared a few steps to store the ink cartridges.

  • Storing position should be upright inside the tub or sealed container.
  • Do not utilize any plastic bag but rather use a tub.
  • HP cartridges may have a cap that is orange when they are opened by twisting the cap off. They suggest replacing the cap before you’re gonna store the cartridges.
  • A dampened cloth should be placed inside the container.
  • Ensure that the box or container is airtight with the lid.
  • The place in which you’re gonna store the tub or container should be dark and cool
  • According to HP guidelines, the ideal HP ink cartridge storage temperature is between 15 to 35 Celsius.

How To Store Unopened Ink Cartridges

How To Store Unopened Ink Cartridges

It is obvious thing that if you don’t tend to use ink cartridges then simply do not open the company-sealed ink cartridge. Always store in a place that has a normal temperature and if the place is cool then let the ink cartridges get warm before installation. The sealed ink cartridges should also be stored upright and do not expose to light or air. Ensure their expiry date before installing them.

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Should You Remove Ink Cartridges When Not In Use

It is not a good practice to remove the ink cartridges from the printer but rather keeping them installed and using them on regular basis is a perfect pill to prevent clogging. But home printing needs don’t always require printing on regular basis. So in case if you don’t tend to print on a regular basis then you can remove the ink cartridges and preserve them by following the above-mentioned ways. Check how to get more ink out of cartridge.

Can You Store Ink Cartridges In The Fridge

Never ever put your cartridge in the fridge as you may think that the fridge is a cool place to store the ink cartridges. But in reality, a cold place like a fridge may lead the ink consistency to get thick even making the ink freeze. So storing the ink cartridge in the fridge will only waste your ink cartridges and money.


We’ve shared the proven method of storing the ink cartridges when not in use. However, the opened cartridges have drawbacks when they are uninstalled in order to store them. But the right way may save the hassle of inessential printing on regular basis to prevent any mess. Not only proper preserving lets you print high page yields but it also extends the lifespan of the cartridges and the printhead.

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