How To Print White Ink On Black Paper & Cardstock At Home

White ink printing is uncommon because the usually inkjet or laser printers don’t support white ink to print on black paper. As normal printers consider the white ink as absent due to no hue. But nothing is impossible so yes! You can print white ink at home with a couple of steps. So without any ado learn here how to print white ink on black paper to craft your projects.

How to print white ink on black paper

How To Print White Ink On Black Paper (Some Important Notes)

We’ll be using ghost white toner with our compatible laser printer. We won’t be using any inkjet printer for printing white due to certain reasons that are mixing colors in the ink lines and printhead. So we’ll be using a compatible laser printer with the white toner cartridge. Check the advantages and disadvantages of inkjet printer.

But let me tell you laser printers also came in CMYK and they don’t have any other slot for a white cartridge. But there is an easy peasy way to trick them print white ink. The trick is swiping the BK (black) cartridge with white toner. Also, you need to buy a separate white cartridge compatible with your printer.

I don’t think that replacing the black color cartridges with white can lead to damage to the printer because I did it flawlessly within 10 minutes even if you’re a novice, I’m confident you’ll do the job like eating a piece of cake. But wait, guys! How can we forget to guide you to replace the cartridges? Read below. We’ll also guide some kind of settings too.

I’m using Canon LBP622Cdw or HP Laserjet Pro M254 and installing the white toner cartridge into them. Also, check the best all-in-one printers under $100. In addition, I suggest using a monochrome laser printer instead of a CMYK laser printer.

Supplies You’ll need

  • A Laser Printer
  • Compatible Ghost Company White Toner

Open the front of the printer and pull the toner tray. 

Pulling The Toner Tray
Pulling The Toner Tray

Replace the BK cartridge with the white one. Ta-da you’re welcome to the white toner printing.

Changing the cartridges (Removing black and placing white toner)
Changing the cartridges (Removing black and placing white toner)

Now let’s go ahead printing the white ink on your desired dark color. Check the best laser printer under $200.

Required Settings

Well, we’ve tricked the printer to print white ink instead of black but we have to do some settings which include printing in only “K” from the CMYK scale. This enables the printer to print only pure white ink although K is for black remember we’ve replaced the toner cartridges so the output will be pure white.

Required settings for printing white
Required settings for printing white

Another option is monochrome printing or black color only which can be enabled from the printing preferences or print preview. Also, ensure that drivers’ settings should be high and color density should be 5 for black color in all options.

Print density guide

After the settings are done. We’re good to go with printing.

Start Printing

To ensure flawless printing, print some waste paper to check that everything is perfect with the printer.

Design the image on any software but make sure to design only monochrome images. Feed the black paper into the printer. You can set it according to the type of paper like cardstock, envelopes, or the type you’re using. You can also use heat transfer paper to print on t-shirts.

Image design and settings
Image design and settings

Hit the print and print on the black paper.

final product printing on black paper
Final product

Method 2:

You must be wondering what if your printer doesn’t support the white toner cartridge. But we won’t leave you behind if you’re printer is not compatible. But let me clarify that this method cannot be used on cardstock, heat transfer paper, and envelopes. You can only customize copy paper or some other type of paper but yeah! You can do experiments on your own.

  1. Open the graphic software and design the image by filling black color in the background.
  2. Write the text in white color on a black background.
  3. Hit the print and no matter if you’ll be able to print in black color on regular white paper.

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Can HP printers print white ink?

Yes, HP printers can print white ink. But not all HP printers can be used with that specific cartridge. Use HP Laser printers only and also ensure to use only those HP Laser models which have compatible white toner cartridges. I usually use white ghost toner cartridges. Although you can check their website and ensure here that your printer model can support their cartridges or not.

What color ink shows up on black paper?

It is said that golden ink is the most visible ink to be shown on black paper. However, other colors like CMY are said to be transparent on black paper. Also, white ink can also be shown the most. Other than that, glossy silver, metallic, and chrome are also good options to be printed. 


Get your laser printer ready to print white ink on dark or black paper. The process doesn’t require very hard steps like climbing a hill. But there are straightforward steps to follow and print. But the essential stance is the compatible printer with a toner cartridge. You can customize various crafting projects like printing on black cardstock and much more. Still have any confusion? Hit the comment section.


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