How To Get Printer Ink Off Hands Without Alcohol At Home

I still remember when I made the mistake of not wearing gloves while refilling the ink cartridges. Then what! My hands got the printer ink for the first time and I was wondering how to get printer ink off my hands. Luckily, I found an effective method that didn’t involve any type of toxic elements like alcohol, acetone, or any removers. The method that I tried is rubbing the pumice stone on the inky areas.

However, there are various methods to remove the ink from hands or fingers. We’ll also cover those methods in today’s guide.

How To Get Printer Ink Off My Hands

How To Get Printer Ink Off Hands (Effective Ways)

Well, you can remove the printer ink from your hands without alcohol using a pumice stone. This is the thing that is easily available in your washroom because when my hands got the ink then my mom suggested using the pumice stone. You know moms always rock! I rushed to my washroom and took the scrubby tool.

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How To Remove Ink From Hands Without Alcohol

Pumice stone is typically used for cleaning feet and many beauty parlors use it for pedicures. Before using that scrubbing tool I wasn’t sure that my feet scrubbing tool would turn into a printer ink removal tool. But surprisingly, I got wonderful results even though my ink stains were too stubborn. Here is how I removed the ink without alcohol.

1. My ink was dried up and I wet my hands a little bit under the faucet. Don’t get surprised by the ink on my hands. It is just a demo to show you.

ink on my hands
ink on my hands

2. Now wet the stone too and apply a bit of soap. ( Soap is Optional)

3. Scrub the stone over the inky areas of your fingers under the faucet and keep the water pouring on the stone and hands.

Scrub the stone over the inky areas
Scrub the stone over the inky areas

4. Keep scrubbing with the stone gently until the ink is wiped off.

Keep scrubbing
Keep scrubbing

5. Clean the hands thoroughly and the whole ink will be wiped. Thats it!

Clean the hands thoroughly
Clean the hands thoroughly

How To Remove Ink From Hands At Home (Remove From Nails Too)

Well, the best method is that I’ve mentioned above using pumice stone but wait! What about the nails that have been filled with printer ink? No worries, you can remove printer ink from your hands and nails at home with ease. The below-mentioned ways are also effective ways to get off the ink quickly.

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Best Ways To Remove Ink From Skin & Nails (Dry Ink Too)

You can try these best 6 ways and you’ll get guaranteed results.

1. Nail Polish Remover

Most nail polish removers have an acetone chemical that is helpful in removing nail polish. But acetone is also helpful to remove various types of stains including nail polish and paint. and no doubt it also removes ink stains from your hands.

Acetone also referred to as propanone breaks the nail polish varnish which is why it is widely used in nail polish removers. Ensure to utilize the nail polish remover that contains acetone in order to remove the printer ink.

Simply, you need to take a piece of cotton and wet it with nail polish remover. Rub the wet bud on the hand that is affected by ink. But ensure that you use the new cotton bud until the ink is cleaned from the fingers and nails thoroughly.

After removing all the ink with nail polish remover, rinse and wash your hands with soap and apply lotion to get moisturized skin.

2. Rubbing Alcohol Or Using Alcoholic Pads

Rubbing alcohol is another effective way and famous one to be used in order to remove ink stains. Rubbing alcohol is made of water and isopropyl alcohol, a degreasing agent that is powerful to break the stain components thoroughly.

The process of removing ink with rubbing alcohol is the same as with the nail polish remover. Simply take a piece of cotton or clean cloth and and pour some rubbing alcohol. Rub the inky areas of your hands and nails. Rub the cotton bud thoroughly until the ink stains are eliminated.

Besides that, alcohol pads are also available out there which are also helpful in removing the ink. You can also rub alcohol pads to wipe off the ink.

3. Spraying Glass Cleaner

Glass cleaners not only help to clean the glass but the glass cleaners contain ammonia which is good at removing ink stains too. 

Simply spray some glass cleaner on your affected skin and leave it for a couple of seconds to mix it with the ink. Rub your inky hand with another hand and rinse it with water. You should wash with your regular soap after rinsing the glass cleaner.

4.  Using Hairspray

It may sound weird to you and you may think that how a hair product is helpful at removing ink stains from your hands. This trick might not work every time because nowadays hair sprays don’t come alcoholic based.

If the hairspray at your home is alcohol-free then this method is not useful to remove the ink because gone are the days when the hair sprays were filled with alcohol that was resulting in the removal of the ink stains.

But if you see that your hair spray contains a small amount of alcohol then you can try at your inky hands by spraying it and leaving it for a couple of seconds. Rub the ink stain and rinse it.

5.  Baby Oil

Oil is an enemy of ink stains. Baby oil or tea tree oil is being used as the safest method to remove ink from hands. Perhaps, it may not remove the ink completely but it can make your skin soft and smooth too.

But surely, the ink stains would be removed. You can rub a few drops of baby oil or tea tree oil on your hands. Once the ink is removed, wash and rinse your hands perfectly. You can apply the oil for 2 to 3 times until the ink is removed completely.

6.  Commercial Hand Cleaners

If all of the above methods don’t work for you and the ink still persists on your skin then you should use commercial hand cleaners like LAVA, GOJO, or Fast Orange. Although, these hand cleaners are widely used for mechanic work in order to remove grease from the hands. But you can use it for removing printer ink too.

How Long Does Printer Ink Stay On Skin

The printer ink on your skin will last until you wipe it off with the above methods. Because printer ink is not designed to be permanent on the skin, unlike tattoo ink. Dye inkjet ink is typically water soluble so the printer ink will be easily wiped off your skin.

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Besides, if you’ve got tattoos on your skin then let us clear that tattoo ink is designed to last on your skin permanently. But the human skin has natural epidermis cells that regenerate skin cells after 2 to 4 weeks. Thus the skin that is injected with tattoo ink will be replaced by new skin cells. Therefore, it is essential for tattoo lovers to get re-touchups after some time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does printer ink come off skin?

Yes, printer ink can come off easily from your skin. Because it cannot be permanent on human skin. There are various ways above mentioned that can be applied to remove. Some of them involve alcohol however, the pumice stone method is a non-alcoholic method and is also result-oriented too.

What happens if printer ink gets on your skin?

Printer ink is toxic free so it cannot harm your skin. However, if your skin is sensitive and you leave the printer ink for a long time then your skin may feel allergic or irritated. So cleaning the ink spots from the skin is essential.


Getting the printer ink off the hands is super easy with the above effective ways. But we should not encounter our hands to the printer ink as using gloves while doing the cartridge work is the best way to prevent ink from getting on our hands. As a crafter for a decade, I’ve enough experience in filling and refilling cartridges without gloves. But a beginner-level crafter should use gloves in the cartridge refilling work.


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