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Inkjet cartridges are expensive so every individual wants to squeeze the last drop of ink out of the cartridge. However, experts suggest when the ink levels are running low you should replace the cartridges but there are some effective ways that can help you to get more ink to print a good page yield. For example, printing in draft mode, utilizing grayscale printing, and some simple ways to print the documents. So go ahead and read the guide on how to get more ink out of a cartridge.

How To Get More Ink Out Of Cartridge

How To Get More Ink Out Of A Cartridge

1. Draft Or Economic Mode Printing

You can play with your printer settings to enable the draft or economic mode printing in order to save some drops of ink. It is the draft or economic mode the name varies from printer to printer. This mode allows you to print less sharp and less vibrant documents as this can save ink though by consuming only half amount of the ink relatively.

But do not print the important documents in this mode because it is ideal for less important documents. You can enable the settings from the printing preferences, go to the printing preferences of your printer > jump to the tab that is Paper/Quality > you’ll see the print quality section there, just simply check the box of economic mode or draft mode.

But whenever you’re done with the printing then uncheck the box again because next time when you print important documents then it should be turned off.

tips to get more ink out of cartridges

2. Print In Grayscale

Grayscale mode is also efficient when you don’t tend to print the color photos but only a photo of gray shade colors. Because Grayscale uses only a small amount of black and color ink to produce a gray shade. However, photos produced with grayscale will also be referred to as monochrome. You can go to the settings and printing preferences and select the grayscale mode.

Simply go to the printing preferences of the printer > go to the tab “color” > and simply check the box “Print in grayscale”.

3. Monochrome Printing

However, monochrome and grayscale printing modes are slightly different from each other. But they provide a similar look when it comes to photography. But office documents should be printed in monochrome settings for example printing office work, printing directly from the internet, word documents, recipes, and so on.

The monochrome mode will help you save the color ink for photos and important stuff. You can access the settings from your computer to make slight changes.

4. Use High Page Yield Cartridges

High-yield cartridges are my favorite part when it comes to churning out thousands of pages and reducing the cost per print drastically. A high-yield cartridge will be double the price of the regular cartridge but it definitely adds value to your investment.

Because it will provide an excellent amount of ink to print 3x more pages, thus reducing the cost per print too. You can simply read how many Pages Does Ink Cartridge Print.

5. Use Simple Format

Eliminate the borders and bold fonts that require a significant amount of ink to get printed. Although borders and beautiful fonts bring sophistication to documents it is not that crucial when an individual wants to save the ink to print a decent number of pages. Always use a simple font to produce the documents.

For personal printing, simple text is ideal however business printing and important stuff may need a bit of styling so you should design and proofread the documents before they get printed.

6. Avoid Low-Level Ink Notifications

When the cartridge levels are running low the printer’s LCD or your PC’s screen will show a notification that the ink is running low. But the fact is the ink cartridges may have the ink left inside them when you replace the cartridges after the notification pops up. Do not replace the cartridges until your printing starts printing documents with a small gap and fuzzy lines.

Read the article: How to check printer ink levels.

Some cartridges may have a chip on them that sends signals to the printer when the cartridges are getting empty. Chips won’t allow the printer to print the documents smoothly. In case your cartridges have small chips just cover them up with black color tape and try using them again.

Although you must ensure that the printhead is cleaned because sometimes the printhead is clogged leading to the gap and lines in the prints.

Note: We’re suggesting utilizing the last drop of ink out of the cartridge. Keep in mind that full empty cartridges can heat up the printhead which can lead to intense damage to the printer.

7. Print On the Right Type Of Paper

Thin, glossy, and inkjet paper or special paper types always consume more amount of ink to produce images and hues. It is the plain paper and the setting for it from the printing preference that requires a small amount of ink to produce documents. So it is crucial for you to select the right paper type settings and usage of quality paper can also help you to get more ink out of cartridges.

How To Make Printer Ink Last Longer (Taking Care Of The Cartridges)

How To Make Printer Ink Last Longer (Taking Care Of The Cartridges)

1. Clean The Printhead & Nozzles

To make the cartridge’s life longer and let the all ink come out of the cartridges smoothly, it is an ideal practice to clean the printhead once a week if your printing job is regular. Also, clean the cartridge nozzle with the lint-free cloth to fix the dry ink clots in order to get the ink out of the cartridges. Printhead cleaning can be automatically done by the printer if you run the cleaning cycle via your PC. Read how to fix dry ink cartridges.

2. Preserve When Not In Use

If you don’t tend to print once a week then preserve your cartridges in a safe place that has a cool temperature along with placing the cartridges in an airtight container. Do not expose them to direct sunlight else they’ll start drying up. Always use the orange cover to secure them and place them in at room temperature.

Preserving the cartridges in a proper way will prevent them from getting their printhead clogged or drying out even if they are opened.

3. Use The Printer Frequently

Using the printer frequently will prevent clogging thus enabling the cartridges to get more ink out of them. Therefore, it is suggested to print the documents frequently even once a week. Also, enable the preview settings, this will ensure you prevent the unwanted lines and paragraphs to get printed.

How To Get More Ink Out Of Hp Printer Cartridge

How To Get More Ink Out Of Hp Printer Cartridge

Small and cheap inkjet printers always give headaches to the ink running out. Because they use more ink to print colored pages. If you’re receiving the notification of ink levels are running low then you should not stop printing instead press ok on the computer or LCD screen and continue printing.

If your HP printer doesn’t have an LCD screen then simply there is a button of reset or stop button on the printer. Simply press and hold it for 10 seconds and the ink cartridges will be reset. Therefore, you’ll be able to print more pages out of ink cartridges. Additionally, the above-mentioned tips are helpful if you’re able to utilize them. No matter if you have a 61 HP cartridge or any other number.

How To Get More Ink Out Of Cartridge Canon

No matter which type of cartridge or printer you’ve. When the ink level runs low then you’ll get the low ink notifications. Simply ignore them or disable them via settings. You can do the setting by pressing the cancel or resume button for at least 7 seconds. The button can be the stop or reset button depending upon the printer model you’ve. But ensure that the printer nozzles should be clear.

How To Get More Ink Out Of Brother Cartridge

How To Get More Ink Out Of Brother Cartridge

If you’re receiving a low toner warning on your brother printer then you can simply bypass it with a couple of steps. Simply you need to remove the toner from the printer then wait for a few seconds, and install it again. Removing the toner from the printer will eventually erase the toner-level data. If you still get the notification then simply reset the ink toner levels and start printing again.


Ink cartridges running low is one of the annoying notifications you can get but you can tackle the situation simply by printing in draft mode or using grayscale however it depends upon you whether your printing job is to print colorful images or produce office monochrome documents.

But a laser printer is ideal when it comes to saving the bucks in the long term. Even though a laser printer prints sharp monochrome documents suitable for business printing thus lowering the running costs.


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