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Novices always look around to get the answers to such questions as how many pages does an ink cartridge print to determine the value of their money. But to be honest, there is no specific number of pages that can be represented because the number of pages or page yield typically depends on various factors but mainly on the types of documents and page coverage you desire to print.

But let me give you an estimate that an 11ml cartridge can print up to 220 pages standard size with 5% coverage of page. Now let’s dive into the details by the size of the cartridges, types of pages, and so on.

How Many Pages Does An Ink Cartridge Print

How Many Pages Does An Ink Cartridge Print

As we mentioned above that the page yield is not dependent on a single factor but rather it depends upon the size of the cartridge you’ve, the type of fonts, page coverage, borders to the documents, resolution, printing mode, and size of paper. All these factors combine to determine the number of pages you can get from a cartridge.

As we gave a rough estimate of 11 ml cartridges above now we’re gonna tell about the number of pages you can get from the different sizes of cartridges.

The international standard size, an 8 ml cartridge can print up to 120 to 175 pages and a 16 ml cartridge can print up to 350 pages. Now Let’s talk about the factors and considerations that affect the page yield.

Factors That Affect page Yield

1. Size Of Your Paper 

If you tend to print larger documents then your toner or ink will run out quickly because a larger page will require more ink and time. Also, if your printing job is to print a PDF document that contains 5 to 10 pages then obviously it will decrease the page yield.

I’ll give an example here. There are two cars, the first car only has a task of 10 kilometers and the second one has a task of 20 kilometers. Now determine which car will save fuel and how long its full fuel tank will last. Of course, the first one’s fuel will last longer because it has only a task for 10 kilometers.

2. Type Of Printing Job

The bold fonts, borders around the documents, page coverage, and photos play vital roles in page yield. Page coverage is also referred to as how much amount of ink is printed on a page. Typically, page yield on a cartridge mentioned by the manufacturers is based on the page coverage of up to 5% only.

This means if the whole page is being printed at 5% only then you’ll get the page yield that is being mentioned on the box. You can also make an estimation by a photo because that 5% is the coverage of a photo. The below image shows what the % coverage looks like. The more page coverage the more ink will be printed.

Page coverage according to the percentage
Page coverage according to the percentage

3. Size Of The Ink Cartridge

Ink cartridges come in different sizes. Typically there are available in XL and XXL sizes. The high-capacity cartridge will print more pages relatively. You can get the high page yield cartridge easily that will print 2x or 3x more pages compared to a standard cartridge. However, we cannot deny the fact is they are more expensive than regular cartridges but they are worth the investment.

Secondly, you need to check the number of cartridges that your printer supports because nifty and small printers don’t always support large size of cartridges. How To Get More Ink Out Of Cartridge

4. Printer Age

Old printers never show efficiency when it comes to page yield because they’ll require more printhead cleanings and maintenance tasks. In contrast, new printers are way more efficient than old printers.

5. Printhead Cleaning

If manufacturers have mentioned the particular number of pages per cartridge doesn’t mean you’ll get the same number because the printer will also require to clean the printhead and check the nozzle or purging is additional which also requires ink to print the regular copy paper in order to check the alignment.

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How Many Pages Does An Xl Ink Cartridge Print

Ink cartridges typically represent the 4 colors CMYK. The black ink cartridge can yield a greater number of pages relatively. The XL BK cartridge can yield up to 2,000 pages depending upon the size of the paper and image type. Whereas, each color cartridge can print up to 700 pages which means 3 CMK cartridges can print 2100 pages together.

How Many Pages Does An Ink Cartridge Print Hp

How Many Pages Does An Ink Cartridge Print Hp

Hp printer cartridges come in different sizes and types of printers they support including tri-color cartridges and laserjet models too. So we cannot specify the exact number of pages a cartridge can print. But you can check on the manufacturer’s website to get an estimated number of pages on the product page.

But again the number will be mentioned on the basis of 5% of the page. So it may vary if you print the documents more than 4 to 5 paragraphs. According to HP, the tri-color XL 62 HP cartridge can yield approximately 415 pages and the black XL 62 can yield up to 600 pages. But keep in mind it is just a number and actual output can be different depending on the other factors.

How Many Pages Does An Ink Cartridge Print Canon

How Many Pages Does An Ink Cartridge Print Canon

The same goes for Canon printers, they also have various types of printers for particular purposes. They include office printers, and home, multifunctional, and single-function printers. So the page yield may vary accordingly. According to Canon, the PGXL 2200 BK cartridge can yield 2500 pages up to an A4 document, and the other CMY colors XL cartridges can yield from 1500 to 1700 pages of A4.

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How Many Pages Does An Epson Ink Cartridge Print

How Many Pages Does An Epson Ink Cartridge Print

Epson Ecotank printers are famous to yield thousands of pages compared to cartridge printers. An Ecotank refill bottle can print between 4,000 to 8,000 pages although black color bottle can print more pages relatively. Epson printer ink is also available in different types of pigment ink, Claria, and UltraChrome HD.

Each ink type is specified to print a particular paper to get the desired results. Therefore, their page yield can churn out the number of pages depending on various factors including the type of paper and pattern you print.

How Many Pages Does A Color Ink Cartridge Print

A regular cartridge can churn out 120 to 200 pages but you need to keep an eye on the % coverage of a page. Typically, we print from 10% to 15% coverage. However, a colored photo will have the 95% to 99% page coverage.

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How Many Pages Does A Toner/laser Printer Cartridge Print

How Many Pages Does A Toner/laser Printer Cartridge Print

When it comes to laser printers, they churn out an exceptional number of pages from a single toner. They are giant at printing speed as well as printing a huge number of pages. But laser printers also come in different types. For office printing, monochrome laser printers are typically famous to print documents. They can churn out 2500 to 4,000 monochrome documents and as low as 500.

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Even though there are some commercial high-end printers that can print up to 30,000 pages from a single cartridge toner and even it can go up to 69,000 pages. But the consideration is which type of printer you have and the page yield will be according to the printer type, page coverage, and frequent printing. You can check toner vs ink cartridge.

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No one can specifically mention the number of pages that can be churned out from the cartridge. But certainly, it is dependent on various factors so you need to calculate how many pages you can get from a single cartridge according to the page coverage.

If a manufacturer has mentioned 5% coverage and a page yield of 220 but you might get lower or higher page yielding. We hope you’ve got the answer to your question: how many pages does an ink cartridge print?

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