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Let us clear your confusion by cutting the long story short: does printer ink dry out? Unfortunately, the answer is yes, they dry out over time because of several reasons. Let us tell you the reasons: You’re using your printer infrequently, cartridges have air filled from somewhere, extended lifespan and expiry date of the cartridges, storing the printer in a warm place, and so on. If you want the details of those reasons, read the article below.

Does Printer Ink Dry Out

Does Printer Ink Dry Out?

Well, we gave a reflection of possible reasons above. Now it’s time to guide you in detail.

1. Does Printer Ink Dry Out If Not Used?

If your printing job doesn’t require printing documents on the regular basis then chances are the ink might get dried out in the printer. So it is suggested to use your printer even once a week. This will prevent the ink cartridges to dry in the printer nozzles and inside the cartridges. Here is the guide: How to keep ink cartridges from drying out.

2. Air Bubbles In The Ink Lines

If the air is going inside the ink tubes will cause the dryness of the ink in the ink lines. This will eventually lead to the cloggings and dry ink inside the cartridges. Also, do not shake the cartridges before installing them. Shaking the ink cartridge will cause air bubbles that can get dry out in the ink lines if you don’t utilize the printer frequently. Check the best printers under $200.

3. Expire Date

Every ink cartridge company must have an expiry date. When the ink cartridges are getting end of their shelf life then they will eventually start drying out. It is recommended not to use expired cartridges and replace them when they’re getting near the expiry date. Generally, 12 months is the ideal time period to utilize the ink cartridges. After that, they will sometime print faded documents if you’re not using them frequently.

Moreover, when the ink cartridges are getting low then their dry-out chances also increase so before they get dry out, replace them respectively. So you should check the printer ink levels frequently.

4. Warm Storage Place

The place to store your printer plays a crucial role in drying up the ink inside the ink cartridges. Always keep an eye on the place that shouldn’t have direct sunlight or store in a room that has a stable temperature. The temperature should not be hot enough which causes dry of the ink due to heat.

5. Refilling Manually

Ink cartridges are air-tight containers, they do not let the air get inside. Syringes are manually used to refill the ink cartridges. It is suggested not to let the air intake the syringes so the air will not be getting inside the cartridges. If the air is filled in the cartridges then it will start clogging the printhead leading to imprecise and faded printouts. Check out the best printers under $100. Now after reading the main points, you should know how to fix dry ink cartridges.

Do Laser Printers Toner Dry Out

Do Laser Printers Toner Dry Out

Laser toner cartridges are not designed to dry out so the answer is no! Toner cartridges cannot get dry out because toner is a fine powder made out of plastic compounds including polyester, polypropylene, and some other compounds by turning them into a fine powder that cannot get dried. A toner can even last forever if not prone to damage or melt.

You should check the advantages and disadvantages of laser printer.

How Long Before Ink Cartridges Dry Out

How Long Before Ink Cartridges Dry Out

It is suggested to utilize the ink within two years when the cartridges were purchased. Print the documents at least every week to maintain the performance of the printer. If you do not tend to print on regular basis then simply buy the small cartridges which are compatible with your printer.

They will get empty quickly before the ink dried inside them. If not, then get a laser printer that will not dry out there. Check how long does printer ink last.

Does Printer Ink Dry Out If Not Opened

The printer cartridges that come sealed from the company will not dry out if not opened but you need to use them within their expiry date otherwise they will start drying out if they reach their expiry date. Usually, you can keep unopened ink cartridges for 2 to 3 years. Keep in mind you should keep your cartridges airtight. Get The best printer under $150.


I hope you’ve got the answer to: do ink cartridges dry up? Ink cartridges can dry up because they are liquid inks and a liquid dries out over time. However, there is a special line of printers called ink tank printers which are less prone to ink dry because they hold a decent amount of ink. You should check the ink cartridge vs ink tank. If you don’t utilize your printer frequently then get a laser printer or an ink tank printer and get free out of ink drying hassle.


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